Definitions for "DMM"
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omestic ail anual): Details all the rules and regulations of the USPS. See above.
Domestic Mail Manual. The Postal Service manual containing most regulations for domestic mail services.
Domestic Mail Manual. Directory of U.S. Postal Service regulations for domestic mail.
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Digital Multimeter. A digital meter that gives a precise reading of voltage, current, or resistance (ohms).
( digital multi meter) electronic current/resistance/potential measuring tool.
An acronym for, “Digital Multi-Meter”. This is a piece of hand held test equipment that allows the testing and troubleshooting of electronic components and circuit boards.
Dual MICA Module. Contains 12 discrete modems.
Double Density Modem Module. A Cisco MICA hardware package with 12 modems on a daughter board unit.
DuoDecimal Modem Module. A MICA hardware packaging with 12modems on a daughter board unit.
Direct Metal Mastered
Direct Metal Master, an alternative to a lacquer when cutting vinyl. DMM gives a higher mid and high frequency response, where as lacquer (see below) gives a warmer sound, with increased bass frequencies. DMM is used a lot in classical and jazz music.
Direct Metal Mastering. An LP disc mastering process in which silvering and electroplating stages are eliminated.
Defence Forces Meritorious Medal