Definitions for "Potentiometer"
Keywords:  resistor, wiper, rotary, slider, knob
is an electronic component in which the resistance can be changed by a movable contact point. It is used in pan tilt heads and zoom lenses to record pre-set positions.
A variable electrical resistor used to regulate current.
a three terminal device with a wiper that is positioned along a resistive element; effectively making a voltage divider.
An instrument for measuring or comparing electrial potentials or electro-motive forces.
radio dial used to measure electrical resistance
a measuring instrument for measuring direct current electromotive forces
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Potentiomètres Potentiometers
a common type of variableresistor
A device that provides position feedback information from an actuator
a device that independently monitors turntable position
An external screw-adjusted control on the outside of a non-programmable hearing aid utilized to change the performance of the hearing aid's amplification parameters.