Definitions for "Programmable"
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Configurable with software commands. NVIDIA's nfiniteFX II and nfiniteFX Engines are programmable and can be configured with software to create an infinite variety of special effects.
Corresponds to the functional behaviour of a HW entity which can be fully determined by software
Capable of being controlled through instructions that can be varied to suit the needs of an individual. Programmable Read-Only Memory chip A read-only memory chip programmed at the factory for use with a given computer.
A term used in telephony to describe something capable of being altered without having to be rewired.
Capable of being controlled by a program.
This means that the MP3 device is able to allow you to program what songs are heard in a specific order. This is useful for those who want to hear specific songs without having to skip around the songs they do not want to hear.
A helpful feature on more current hearing aids that allows them to be attached, via a cord, to a computer in a hearing healthcare professional's office. Once attached, the various parameters of the hearing aid's performance can be more easily adjusted to better match an individual's communicative needs. More expensive hearing aids tend to have more parameters available for adjustment than less expensive hearing aids, often making them more adaptable.
Equipped with software that enables the user to create new sounds or other assignments by altering parameter settings and storing the new settings in memory. An individual control parameter is said to be programmable if its setting can be stored separately with each individual patch.
Customizing the playback order of tracks on a CD, MiniDisc, MP3 player or even a cassette by storing your own play list, or using a random function that scrambles the order, or selecting one track to repeat.
Any computing or data recording device which can be pre- programmed to carry out any desired functions.
It is an electronic device which can be programmed to perform specific tasks.