Definitions for "CPU"
The central processing unit, that part of the electronic circuitry of a computer in which the arithmetic and logical operations are performed on input data, which are thereby converted to output data; it is usually located on the mainboard, or motherboard, of a computer. The CPU and the memory form the central part of a computer to which the peripherals are attached. Most personal computers as of 1998 had only one CPU, but some computers may have more than one CPU.
Refers to the Central Processing Unit - a chip which acts as the brain of the computer or server. The faster the speed of the CPU, the more powerful it is. Speed is expressed in Megahertz and Gighertz. Today's servers are usually measured in Gigahertz. Back to up
CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT. Made up of one or more microprocessors and associated components. The CPU controls system activities including interpretation and execution of programs. It has an arithmetic logic unit (ALU), timing and control circuitry, accumulator, scratch-pad memory, program counter, address stack, and instruction register.
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