Definitions for "Microcontroller"
a small programmable computer on a single chip
This is like a scaled-down computer designed for a very specific task, unlike a desktop computer, which has many uses. An example of an application for a microcontroller would be a traffic light, or the chip that controls the suspension system of your new car. The Basic-Stamp is an example of an microcontroller that has been created for hobbyists to play with and explore the potentials of a microcontroller.
a complete computer on a chip
a little programmable chunk of silicon, often used to provide the logic behind an appliance like a microwave or washing machine
an integrated circuit (IC) that is programmable
a third way of controlling the sequencing of operations
single purpose processing units designed to execute small control programs, sometimes in real time. The program is frequently stored on the microcontroller in an area of nonvolatile memory.