Definitions for "Chipset"
A set of integrated hardware circuits, such as application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), which perform a particular function. They are commonly used in networking devices to maximize performance with minimum cost.
Two or more integrated circuits which together perform a complete processing function or functions.
chips found on the motherboard that handle memory management as well as the interfaces to the peripherals.
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a good choice for AMD (Athlon, Duron and Thunderbird) systems
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choke packet CIAO
Choke Chooser
a particularly bad combintion for video thingies
The particular graphics processing system used on a particular video card.
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a juiced-up and pimped out version of what we have here
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a surprising one
a critical component in a computer
The chip or group of chips provided by a single manufacturer, which defines the behavior and capabilities of a particular component, like a video card or mainboard. Different chipsets usually require different drivers to operate correctly.
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a little old, but I know for a fact that a lot of you out there are still using them, since they are so reliable and cheap
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a tried and true solution with SMP support
a very attractive solution and some boards have already started to appear online
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a set of chips working together and which are sold as a set
A group of IC chips that are designed to work together and generally used and priced as a set.
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a problem too