Definitions for "FPGA"
ield rogrammable ate rrays. Circuit used by QX 2000 boards for internal glue logic.
A type of programmable logic device (PLD) — an integrated circuit that can be customized after assembly. Specifically, an FPGA is a programmable type of gate array, which is an integrated circuit that contains a configuration of uncommitted elements in a prefabricated base wafer. See PLD.
A programmable logic device which is more versatile than traditional programmable devices such as PALs and PLAs, but less versatile than an application-specific integrated circuit. Some field-programmable gate arrays use fuses such as those found in programmable logic devices, but others are based on SRAM equivalents.
an ideal platform for a software defined radio since it has a re-configurable nature that allows system architects to customize hardware to their specifications without committing to an architecture for the lifetime of a product
a specially made digital semiconductor often used for prototyping and is being used to complete the migration from USM(TM) computer simulations to commercial hardware demonstrations
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