Definitions for "USM"
Unsharp masking. A process used to sharpen images.
Unsharp Mask - sharpening tool found in many photo editing programs
( Unsharp Mask ) The term comes from a conventional colour separation camera technique that uses a unsharp photographic mask to increase contrast between light and dark areas of the reproduction and gives the illusion of sharpness.
USM (Ultra Sonic Motor) is a Canon devised Autofocus SLR lens motor system. USM lenses are usually quicker to focus, more compact, with greater operational simplicity and virtually silent compared to their earlier 'Arc Form Drive'(AFD) cousins. USM lenses only work with the Canon 'EOS' camera system, introduced in March 1987. (see SLR & EOS)
ltra onic otor - Canon's version of focusing the lense by moving lense elements using ultrasonic waves.
Canon UltraSonic Motor focusing mechanism. Generally provides fast autofocus
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Unlisted Securities Market. The Exchange's market for medium-sized companies which do not qualify for, or do not wish to have a full listing.
Unlisted Securities Market set up in 1980 to provide an easier route to the market for small or new companies. The market closed at the end of 1996. (USM companies could move to the main market or AIM.)
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User-based Security Model. A standard for providing SNMP message-level security, described in RFC 3414 at This RFC document also includes a MIB for remotely monitoring and managing the configuration parameters for the User-based Security Model.
Universal Subscription Mechanism. Allows certain podcatchers to automatically add a subscription from an RSS file.