Definitions for "Icc"
International Control Commission
Illinois Commerce Commission
Indian Chamber of Commerce
International Color Consortium. A group of companies chartered to develop, use, and promote cross-platform standards so that applications and devices can exchange color data without ambiguity. Founding members include Adobe, Agfa, Apple, FOGRA, Kodak, Microsoft, Silicon Graphics, Sun, and Taligent.
A group of hardware and software vendors dedicated to developing cross-platform standards for color communication and consistency.
Acronym for International Color Consortium; a group of hardware and software companies that is developing the means to effectively communicate color information to top
Interagency Coordinating Council - A state council that deals with the federal early childhood special education law--Part C (formerly Part H) of the IDEA
Information Coordination Center
Inter Control Center.
Intelligent Cruise Control. A crash avoidance technology that automatically adjusts vehicle cruise speed to maintain safe following distances.
Abbreviation for Intelligent Contrast Control.
Intelligent Cruise Control. A system which controls the speed of vehicles allowing fast moving platoons to be formed.
intraclass correlation coefficient
Intracluster Correlation Coefficient
Intel C++ compiler
Intel® Channel Conference
Inuit Circumpolar Conference
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Iomairt Cholm Cille
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The current drawn by the macro, into the VCC supply pin of the circuit. For individual macros, the current drawn by that macro (TYPICAL). When computing the supply current for an array, it will be a function of the macros used in the array plus the overhead current for the I/O mode. It may also be a function of the number of TTL input macros.
Integration Competency Center. An ICC is typically a shared, centralized resource that defines uniform approaches to integration with reusable assets. There are a variety of ways to set up an ICC—from simply defining a series of best practices to specifying specific tools or architectures that must be used, to providing centralized developers and architects that can actually create and manage integrations. What's right for your company depends on such things as the corporate structure (centralized or decentralized), frequency of projects, your level of standardization, and your IT infrastructure.
Integrated circuit card. See chip card.
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Institutional Capital Contribution. Institutional funds contributed to establish or maintain a revolving loan fund. In the HPSL and NSL programs, ICC must be equal to at least one-ninth of the Federal Capital Contribution (FCC). Close
Internet Call Center—the real-time software that provides a customer with the ability to communicate with an agent over the Internet in real time. Real-time communications can take place by way of Text Chat, Internet telephony, telephone Callback, and/or by collaboratively browsing the Web.
intercarrier communications
Intra-cluster communications
IDF that connects the horizontal cross-connect to the main cross-connect. See horizontal cross-connect. See main cross-connect.
Intermediate Cross Connect - Typically a cross-connection point between floor cabling and the riser cabling on each floor of a building.
The ICC's Charter for Sustainable Development is often named in a corporate context. The ICC programme comprises 16 principles for environmental programmes, which are vital for sustainable development in a commercial context. This programme is designed to guide companies in their efforts to safeguard the many different aspects of the environment. Companies are encouraged publicly to state their support for this programme and to use it as the starting-point for improvements.
Development of the Historic Site of Angkor
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Indiana Campus Compact
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INSTRUMENT CONTROL CENTER. An EOS facility dedicated to a specific instrument that plans and schedules instrument operations, generates and validates command sequences, provides the capability to forward commands and to store them for later transmission, monitors the health and safety of the instrument, and provides instrument controllers with status information of their instrument. Source: EPO.
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Kodak Printer Image
Individual correspondence courses offered through the EGA. See the EGA website for more details.
Institute Cargo Clauses. There are three basic sets of these clauses (A, B and C). The A clauses cover "all risks", subject to specified exclusions. The B and C clauses cover specified "risks", subject to specified exclusions.
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Increased Cost of Compliance
Individual Claim Consideration
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See Maximum continuous current (Icc).