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Reg is a replacement for Microsoft's registry editor - adds enhancements like bookmarks, threaded search, direct navigation, etc. Supports Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP. Written in Borland C++Builder
istration Personal Identification Number (REGPIN): a six-digit number that changes quarterly. Students use their REGPIN to enroll, add, and drop classes during scheduled PAWS and UCR STAR enrollment and make-up periods. Students also use their REGPIN on UCR STAR to confirm enrollment until UCR STAR closes for telephone enrollment. The REGPIN can be found on the REGPIN/Enrollment Appointment and Personal Data Form. REGP INs protect students' schedules against tampering. It is important to keep them confidential. Students who lose their REGPIN should contact their major department; undeclared majors should contact their college office.
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region relay resource richedit
I or RI Registered Inspector, authorised by OFSTED to lead an Inspection team.
Resource Efficiency Groups – a network of teams established across ABPH's business activities charged with improving resource usage in their areas of operation
Fully Registered. Name of Bondholder is printed on the bond certificate and is designated on the records of the transfer agent. Interest and principal payments are sent directly to the bondholder. As of July1, 1983, all new municipal bond issues must be in registered form and or book entry.
Regulation EINDEER -- Anato, New Britain
Regulation or Regulatory The set of requirements developed by federal or state agencies to implement the (usually more general) policy established by a given law. Once a law is passed by Congress and signed by the president, the relevant agency then develops regulations to implement the law. See Also: CFR, FR...................
Regulation(s) (Usually Corps regulation at 33 CFR 320- 330).
USDF Divisions for Dressage competitions - Regions
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(abbr) : register.
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A vast stony plain in a desert.
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Research and Earmarked Grants
Random Event Generator. An electronic device which uses a random physical process (ex.- radioactive decay) or complex numeric algorithms to generate "random" events or "random numbers".
Acronym for "Random Event Generator".
contains a reading which has been regularized or normalized in some sense; original reading may be given in the attribute orig.
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Short for regulator, the piece of gear which controls the flow of air through a diver's breathing hose.
Registration file (filename extension).
A registration file used to communicate with a software publisher the user with the legal right to use the application.
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(abbreviation) register.
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Regular. [page 4
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See "Regulator"
Regulating, regulator