Definitions for "DIVISIONS"
Subsidiaries of the major auto manufacturers used to build vehicles. Domestic examples: Chrysler: Chrysler, Dodge, Eagle, Jeep, Plymouth / Ford: Ford, Lincoln, Mercury / GM: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Geo, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn
Where athletes compete with other athletes of similar ability in equitable divisions. Variance between fastest and slowest time is no more than 10 percent.
Groups within which rowers compete. For high school, these can be as follows:· Men's, Women's, Co-ed· Novice, Freshman, Lightweight, Junior Varsity, Varsity In a single regatta, a given rower can perform in multiple divisions, e.g. a female freshman could theoretically compete in women's and co-ed novice, freshman, lightweight, and junior varsity races, and cox a men's crew boat.
As used in NFPA 70&emdash;The National Electric Code, describe the types of location that may generate or release a flammable material. There are two divisions: Division I&emdash;Location where the vapors, dusts, or fibers are continuously generated and released. The only element necessary for a hazardous situation is a source of ignition. Division II&emdash;Location where the vapors, dusts, or fibers are generated and released as a result of an emergency or a failure in the containment system.
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Wearing of formal uniform on the first Friday of each month
A formal vote (usually using the electronic voting system) required if any MSP disagrees with any question for decision put by the Chair.
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Sections into which the pipes of an organ are divided, which are played from different keyboards. This permits contrasting tonal colors from the various keyboards, allows stops to be used for solos with different stops for accompaniment (when playing on two keyboards), and permits quick changes in registration by shifting from one keyboard to another.
Oklahoma city Community College's degree programs are grouped into the following six divisions: Arts and Humanities, Science and Mathematics, Business, Information technology, Social Science and Health Professions.
Refers to legal, independent and voluntary groupings of general practitioners, based on geographical areas, as recognised by the Department.