Definitions for "MSP"
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type of processing done when the patient has other insurance primary to Medicare. HCFA is responsible for determining when Medicare is primary or secondary.
Medicare Secondary Payer. There is another insurance company that is primary to Medicare; the primary insurance company pays first and Medicare would be secondary payer for the service(s).
Medicare Secondary Payer. A statutory requirement that private insurers providing general health insurance coverage to Medicare beneficiaries pay beneficiary claims as primary payers.
Maserati Stability Programme
Maserati Stability Programm
Municipal Support Programme
Maintenance Service Program
Meter Service Provider. An entity that provides meter services, consisting of the installation, maintenance, testing, repairing, and removal of meters and related equipment.
Maximum Spawning Potential. This type of reference point is used in some fishery management plans to define overfishing. The MSP is the spawning stock biomass per recruit (SSB/ R) when fishing mortality is zero. The degree to which fishing reduces the SSB/R is expressed as a percentage of the MSP (i.e., %MSP). A stock is considered overfished when the fishery reduces the %MSP below the level specified in the overfishing definition. The values of %MSP used to define overfishing can be derived from stock-recruitment data or chosen by analogy using available information on the level required to sustain the stock.
Member of the Scottish Parliament NAHEMS National Animal Health Emergency Management System (US)
Members of the Scottish Parliament
Microsoft Paint image format. multihosting The ability of a Web server to support more than one Internet address and more than one home page on a single server. Also called multihoming. | | | back to tech support main page
Microsoft Paint files contain bitmapped graphic images. They can be included in a TeX document with \special commands recognized by the emTeX DVI drivers.
Microsoft Paint (file name extension) [Microsoft
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Michigan State Police
Maryland State Police
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Moomba to Sydney Pipeline
Medical Surveillance Plan
Market Surveillance Panel. The function of the MSP is to monitor and report on the wholesale electricity market for efficiency and the abuse of market powers. Visit the web site...
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Message security protocol. An X.400-compatible application-level protocol for securing electronic mail that was developed by NSA.
Message Security Protocol. E-mail crypto protocol developed as part of the SDNS program and being used in the Defense Message System.
The letters stand for "mechanically separated poultry" and refer to a poultry food product made by mechanically separating bone from muscle tissue of carcasses and parts of poultry carcasses. The USDA has established certain labeling requirements, use limits and a minimum percent of bone solids content. MSP must be declared as mechanically separated chicken or turkey.
Minimum Support Prices.
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Melanesian Shell Products.
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Middlesex Sampling Plant
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Maximum Spawning Potential - see SPR.
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Multi-Specialty Practice
Mathematics and Science Partnership
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military space plane
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Multiple Session Processing