Definitions for "ppa "
Perusahaan Pengelola Aset br
Perusahan Pengelola Aset
phenylpropanolamine, a decongestant.
Short for phenylpropanolamine, a drug which was used in many over-the-counter cold medicines and weight loss drugs. The FDA issued a recall of PPA after a study linked phenylpropanolamine with a greater risk of hemhorragic stroke.
ppa maintains a per-user prepaid account balance in an Internet cafe environment. It uses operating system accounting files to debit accounts, presents up-to-the-minute account balances on a per-user Web page, and accepts payments and charges from an administrator.
Prepaid Application
Protocol Provitional Application
preferred provider arrangement. As defined in state laws, a contract between a health care insurer and a health care provider or group of providers who agree to provide services to persons covered under the contract. Examples include preferred provider organizations ( PPO s) and exclusive provider organizations ( EPO
See preferred provider arrangement.
preferred provider arrangement. A contract between a health care insurer and a health care provider or group of providers who agree to provide specified covered services to insureds.
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Partido Panameñista Auténtico (Authentic Panameñista Party). Nation's leading opposition party. Strongly nationalist and populist. Part of opposition coalition, ADO ( q.v.). Led by veteran politician Arnulfo Arias Madrid.
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The Provider Participation Agreement (PPA) is the contract through which qualified Local Educational Agencies enroll to participate in the LEA Medi-Cal Billing Option.
Power purchasing agreement
Power Purchase Agreement
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PPA stands for pay per action. You can join an affiliate program and be paid per action - for example, for sending to a vendor a visitor who fills out a form or subscribes to a newsletter, or buys something.
Pay-Per-Action - Affiliate commissions where a set amount is paid for generating a specific action, such as taking a free trial or subscribing to an ezine. PPL, PPC and PPS are usually considered as PPA.
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polyphosphoric acid
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PowerPoint Add-in
Polymer Process Aid. Additives incorporated into plastics as a modifier to aid in the extrusion of film, pipe, sheet, etc.
Detailed analysis of intangible assets in accordance with IFRS to which the difference between the purchase price and the equity on the balance sheet is allocated.
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Popski s Private Army
Periodical Publisher's Association. The trade body for UK magazine publishers. The BBC plays a key role in the PPA with initiatives such as building a green database of magazine printing companies.
Periodical Publishers' Association. A trade association with members including many bulk mailers.
Pennsylvania Protection and Advocacy
Physical point of attachment. A PPA is the point at which a system is attached to a physical communications medium. All communication on that physical medium funnels through the PPA.
Prosthetic Penis Attachment. See Extender. Realistic dildo modeled after an actual penis.
A unique integer identifier for each network physical port installed on a server.
Philippine Ports Authority
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potentially productive aquifer
see 'Postgraduate Publications Award'.
Pollution Prevention Act A law that establishes a national policy favoring source reduction and recycling over treatment and disposal of pollutants. The PPA focuses mostly on encouraging voluntary pollution prevention. See Also: P2...................
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Prayer For Relief
Probability Producing Arguments. (Also non-deductive arguments.) In these arguments, the reasons are intended to increase the probability that their conclusions are true. That is, if the reasons are true in a PPA, then there will be a high probability that the conclusion is true if the argument is a good one. These are evaluated in terms of strength.
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Pest Plants and Animals
Prescription Pricing Authority
Personal PA (public address). Generic name refering to a hearing impaired system. see assistive listening system
Total power-play assists
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Pay and Personnel Agency.
Prior Period Adjustment
Periodic Programme Appraisal
Periodic payment annuities
Preliminary Project Approval
Planning, Preparation & Assessment Time
Prevention Program Administrator