Definitions for "listening"
the act of hearing attentively.
To pay attention; make an effort to hear and to understand something.
Understand listening behavior and improving listening ability.
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attending to or alert for sound; "be wary of listening ears"; "government-maintained listening posts"
resources that indicate that a mechanism is available for the learner to listen to a sound clip, or a video with an audio component.
Ability to derive meaning from sounds that are heard. Loan-to-Value Ratio - A measure of how heavily mortgaged a property is and how likely the owner is to default on his or her debts.
a key selling skill, in that without good listening skills the process of questioning is rendered totally pointless.
Keywords:  understood, verbal, range, non, signals
Shows by a range of verbal and non-verbal signals that the information being received is understood.
Programs waiting for network communication on a given socket are listening on that socket. See also socket and port.