Definitions for "Cacophony"
An uncouth or disagreable sound of words, owing to the concurrence of harsh letters or syllables.
A combination of discordant sounds.
disagreeable sound, discord of sounds.
Cacophony is a American neoclassical speed metal/shred band formed in 1986 by guitarists Marty Friedman and Jason Becker. Cacophony is often recognized for its technically challenging, neo-classical metal elements, as well as featuring two shred guitarists. The band broke up in 1989, with Friedman joining the successful thrash metal band Megadeth and Becker joining David Lee Roth's solo band.
Keywords:  claustrophobic, tumult, noise
a like a tumult of noise, so how can a noise in itself be claustrophobic
Keywords:  unhealthy, voice
An unhealthy state of the voice.
the arrangement of words by the poet to create an unpleasant effect.