Definitions for "Socket"
a communication endpoint using the TCP or UDP transport protocols usually for establishing point to point communications between processes on the Internet
When a computer program needs to connect to a local or wide area network such ...
The interface between, for example, a browser and the utility software which allows client PCs to transact data over the Internet using the TCP/IP network protocol.
the receptacle of an electric lamp into which a light bulb is inserted, containing contacts to conduct electricity to the bulb.
the receptacle fixed in a wall and connected by conductive wiring to an electrical supply, containing contacts to conduct electricity, and into which the plug of an electrical device is inserted; -- called also a wall socket or outlet. The socket will typically have two or three contacts; if three, the third is connected to a ground for safety.
receptacle where something (a pipe or probe or end of a bone) is inserted
An opening into which anything is fitted; any hollow thing or place which receives and holds something else; as, the sockets of the teeth.
the hard shell part of the prosthesis that fits over the stump
An opening into which something fits, such as a light socket.
(Sockets of various shapes may be fixed to a shank and handle, designed to be used in a brace, or designed as part of a set to be interchanged on a common handle )
Wrench, which has a rounded outside edge but a hexagonal (or similar) shaped inside that is used to grip a nut or fastener head. The other side of the head is formed of a driver, which has a square shank, and may be a torque wrench, ratchet or breaker bar.
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a mechanism that allows programs to send packets of bytes to each other
an application programming interface (API), which is used to communicate between two host computers
an interface between an application and a network transport layer
a filedescriptor (like open/close NOT fopen fclose)
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Socket usually refers to where the processor is placed. Examples are Socket A, Socket 370 and Socket 462.
A recepticle into which a processor module can be installed. Each processor module can contain one or more CPUs. The number of sockets allowed by a license can be specified as an entry in the HARDWARE_ID field on the PAK.
Describes the socket technology used by the processor.
Base with jaws to accommodate terminals of a detachable watt-hour meter and which has terminals for connection to the supply line. It may be a single-position socket for one meter, or a multiple-position socket for two or more meters.
The mounting device for socket meters. Includes spring-loaded meter jaws, connectors for line and load conductors, and an enclosure.
Especially, the hollow tube or place in which a candle is fixed in the candlestick.
A hollow thing or place that receives and holds something (such as an electric light socket).
The conjunctival sac in front of the implant which holds an artificial eye
a sequential device and does not allow any ungetch operation
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A socket is the component of the female segment of a snap combination that is designed to be resilient and accept the stud, thus completing the closure.
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a leading supplier of compact flash cards and wireless access for Windows CE PDAs and laptops
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Allows easy removal of the integrated circuit from the PC board; avoids the need to solder the IC directly onto the board.
a low cost, high volume, high speed, fully qualified chip-to-board, board-to-board, and flex-to-board solution for land grid array applications
a two-way (read/write) pseudo-file node
A piece of software that serves as an addressable entity on a node. Applications and processes send and receive data through sockets. See also statically assigned socket, dynamically assigned socket.
a hypothetical entity, created solely to help us understand Internet programming better
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The cone-shaped cavities in the upper and lower arch, in which the teeth are embedded.
Component that holds the lamp base and supplies electrical power.
The part of the light unit that accepts the lamp
an object that can be used to transmit a receive data from a distant machine
Threaded sockets cast into the structure and panels secure the restraint fixings.
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a generalization of a file access mechanism for networks
an entry onto a network
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a file-like object
a number just like a file handle
85k 85k Up to size of print file Low
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