Definitions for "Virtual Telecommunications Access Method"
Keywords:  vtam, sna, mainframe, ibm, hpr
(VTAM) On an SNA (Systems Network Architecture) network, this application provides access to shared information.
The mainframe communications foundation that allows multiple systems, users and printers on the mainframe to interconnect and interoperate. VTAM also has the capability to communicate with other protocol networks, such as the TCP/IP network.
n. IBM software that controls communication and the flow of data in an SNA network by providing the SNA application programming interfaces and SNA networking functions. An SNA network includes subarea networking, Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN), and High-Performance Routing (HPR). Beginning with Release 5 of the OS/390 operating system, the VTAM for MVS/ESA function was included in Communications Server for OS/390; this function is called Communications Server for OS/390 - SNA Services.
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