Definitions for "VIrus "
VIrus was originally taken from busybox and stripped of most unrelated stuff.
the causative agent of a disease, .
any of numerous submicroscopic complex organic objects which have genetic material and may be considered as living organisms but have no proper cell membrane, and thus cannot by themselves perform metabolic processes, requiring entry into a host cell in order to multiply. The simplest viruses have no lipid envelope and may be considered as complex aggregates of molecules, sometimes only a nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) and a coat protein. They are sometimes viewed as being on the borderline between living and nonliving objects. They are smaller than living cells in size, usually between 20 and 300 nm; thus they pass through standard filters, and were previously referred to as filterable virus. The manifestations of disease caused by multiplication of viruses in cells may be due to destruction of the cells caused by subversion of the cellular metabolic processes by the virus, or by synthesis of a virus-specific toxin. Viruses may infect animals, plants, or microorganisms; those infecting bacteria are also called bacteriophages. Certain bacteriophages may be non-destructive and benign in the host; -- see bacteriophage.
A small organism that is often pathogenic.
A noncellular pathogen.
The smallest disease-causing pathogen.
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A tiny intelligent unit, mutating through 'selection'. Its original intelligence is extremely basic, but can in composed lifeforms take very complex shapes. - Humans might be seen as: complex walking virus structure. Such structures need 'change' to adapt to entering basic viruses. - Basic viruses structures (like AIDS) are never 'hostile' to other virus structures, only AT START very seldom cause unwanted effects that ask for adaption of both sides. Killing any virus structure with 'medicines' is simular to destroying life with DDT.
Virus is a sci-fi/horror film released in 1999 about an alien lifeform which primarily inhabits electronic devices. The lifeform invades Mir (the Russian space station) and is transmitted to a Russian research ship, and sets out to exterminate the crew of a tugboat who find the derelict ship. To do this, the alien creates cyborgs by fusing the corpses of its victims with various electronic parts.
Virus is a Russian band composed of two men and one woman. It was popular in 2001. The project was producing techno-based, Russian pop music, similar to Ruki Vverh at the time.
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Virus is a KMFDM single preceding the album Naïve. It features the title track "Virus" as well as "More & Faster" off of More & Faster, "Don't Blow Your Top" off of Don't Blow Your Top and "High & Geil", an alternate version of "More & Faster".
Virus is an album that was released on September 19, 2005 by Hypocrisy. This is the first album Hypocrisy recorded with their new drummer, Horgh, from the black metal band Immortal.
"Virus" is a single from Iron Maiden, released in 1996. It is the first single since 1980's Women in Uniform for a song that does not appear on any official Iron Maiden studio album. It was, however, featured as a brand new track on the band's first ever career retrospective — 1996's double-disc The Best of the Beast.
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Virus is a Dark Horse Comics comic book, written by Chuck Pfarrer, drawn by Canadian artist Howard Cobb and published in 1995. The story is about an alien life form which takes over a Chinese research vessel and reconfigures it -- using both the damaged electronics and the dead bodies of the crew, it propagates itself by making various "creatures" created out of both organic and inorganic parts. When a salvage ship shows up they have to deal with the life form or be taken over as well.
Kinji Fukasaku and starring George Kennedy, Robert Vaughn, Chuck Connors, Olivia Hussey, Edward James Olmos, Ken Ogata, Sonny Chiba and Glenn Ford. The film is notable for being the most expensive Japanese film ever made at the time.
Programme that can cause serious problems in the systems that they attack.
Virus - Ein Programm, das sich selbst mit oder ohne Zutun des Anwenders vervielfältigen kann, wobei die neuen Ableger sich ihrerseits weiter vermehren.
A plant disease that cannot be eliminated by a chemical means. Some viruses have created stripped tulips. Most are feared by growers.
A class of disease-causing particles that are resistant to antibiotics and antifungals. Influenza ("the flu") and the common cold are caused by viruses.
a tiny, non-cellular, disease-causing molecule
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Virus is a Norwegian avant-garde metal band. It was formed in 2000 by Carl-Michael Eide. The band is considered as a continuation of his previous band Ved Buens Ende because of similar musical elements and an avant garde form of unusual experimentation, although the band has its own characteristic sound.
Virus is an Argentine New wave group, leaded by Federico Moura until his death on 1988. His brother Marcelo then took the leading voice role. The group gave its final performance on September 29, 1989.
The format of Megabye, Hexadecimal, Gigabyte, Kilobyte, and Daemon. A virus is always a villain. RB: 1
Contagious or poisonous matter, as of specific ulcers, the bite of snakes, etc.; -- applied to organic poisons.
Any animal poison, especially one produced by and capable of transmitting disease.
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vii-Rruss) The meaning of this word in this text is the same as it means in your dictionary. The viral strains in this case target certain plants. Just as small, just as deadly.
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Commonly, the belief of incompetent users that some mysterious external force is to blame for their mistakes at the keyboard.
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A game where you play as an antibody fighting off a virus, developed using the open source Ogre 3D engine and C++.
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reference to HIV
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