Definitions for "TRICHINOSIS"
The pig's reply to proponents of porcophagy. Moses Mendlessohn having fallen ill sent for a Christian physician, who at once diagnosed the philosopher's disorder as trichinosis, but tactfully gave it another name. "You need and immediate change of diet," he said; "you must eat six ounces of pork every other day." "Pork?" shrieked the patient -- "pork? Nothing shall induce me to touch it!" "Do you mean that?" the doctor gravely asked. "I swear it!" "Good! -- then I will undertake to cure you."
The disease produced by the presence of trichinæ in the muscles and intestinal track. It is marked by fever, muscular pains, and symptoms resembling those of typhoid fever, and is frequently fatal.
a disease caused by ingestion of roundworm parasites found in raw or insufficiently cooked pork.