Definitions for "Inoculum"
refers to the amount of underground woody material infected with, or potentially able to be infected with, a root disease pathogen, and available for infecting regeneration or remaining residual root systems (e.g., infected stumps and root systems left after harvest without stumping or pushover harvesting).
any part or stage of a pathogen, such as spores or virus particles, that can infect a host.
Any part of a pathogen such as a spore or mycelium.
The preparation of microorganisms which is inoculated{5} into a growth medium; as, a small inoculum may not work well for the production phase of a fermentation.
leaven or starter which allows one or more germs to be introduced into a milieu.
The material, usually bacteria, that is introduced by inoculation. It is especially important in crop and pasture legumes where a symbiosis between Rhizobium bacteria and the root of legumes is established.
The substance used to make an innoculation.
The substance used in inoculation.
the substance used to make an inoculation, environmentally speaking, consisting of a blend of microbial life forms, trace minerals, and nutrients