Definitions for "sterilization"
The act or process of sterilizing, or rendering sterile; also, the state of being sterile.
a surgery performed to make a person incapable of reproducing; also refers to the process of killing microorganisms on objects such as surgical instruments
The process by which objects are rendered sterile.
The use of steam and pressure to kill any bacteria that may be able to contaminate that environment or vessel.
The removal or destruction of all microorganisms, including pathogenic and other bacteria, vegetative forms and spores. Compare with disinfection.
Sterilization removes free floating bacteria, parasites and disease causing pathogens from the aquarium system water. Ultraviolet sterilizers work when water passes through the unit and is exposed to the germicidal light being produced by the bulb inside. It is essential that ultraviolet sterilizers are installed properly to have the correct “dwell time” or exposure to the light. If the bacteria or pathogens pass through the sterilizer too quickly they will have a nice tan, but they will survive to cause problems later. Ultraviolet sterilizers are required by law in all shellfish aquarium systems to prevent cross contamination and food borne illness. Ozone can be used to sterilize water, but is much more difficult to control.
To use open market operations to counteract the effects of exchange market intervention on a countrys monetary base.
The use of domestic open market operations to offset the effects of a foreign exchange market intervention on the domestic money supply.
Central Bank activity in the domestic money market to reduce the impact on money supply of its intervention activities in the FX market.
An operation that prevents a woman from becoming pregnant or a man from fathering a child
The process of making sterile, the complete removal of all contaminates.
A process where a medical material is treated to remove all possible germs and other forms of life.
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see impact sterilization.
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See Pot Sterilization or Soil Sterilization.