Definitions for "amoeba "
A rhizopod common in fresh water, capable of undergoing many changes of form at will. Same as ameba. See Rhizopoda.
(1) Free-living single-celled eucaryote that crawls by changing its shape. (2) More narrowly, a particular gen of protozoa that move in this way.
single-celled organisms with no distinct shape; members of the phylum Sarcodina.
a type of unicellular animal life
Unicellular tropic stage of slime moulds.
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Amoeba is going to be a turn-based arcade game similar to commercial games like Worms or Snails. It is developed using FreePascal and the SDL4Freepascal libraries.
amoeba is an XML-based framework for Web environment development backed by XML databases . It's deployable as a war archive in servlet containers . Almost no Java knowledge or Java programming is required while developing with amoeba, except for extending base framework functionality.
Plant eating creature in the environment. It does not hunt other creatures. This is more of a herbivore creature.
In mathematics, an amoeba is a set associated with a polynomial in one or more complex variables. Amoebas have applications in algebraic geometry.
Amoeba is an implemenatation of a research paper titled "Fast and Accurate Edge-Based Segmentation with No Contour Smoothing in 2-D Real Images" .This is a completed work, hence no promises for support ;)
a kind of simple eukaryotic organism that typically moves by extending lobes of its cytoplasm
an organism that can survive outside the womb
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a formless thing which takes many shapes
a more complicated system than all systems of the inanimate world