Definitions for "Lobes"
Rounded substructures within a larger organ. The brain, for example, contains four major lobes — the frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital.
are different parts of the brain ( Fontal, Parietal, Temporal & Occipital) of the brain.
The four areas of the brain that are demarcated by major fissures (grooves in the surface of the brain). The occipital lobes, located in the back of the brain, are primarily responsible for vision. The frontal lobes are involved in movement, complex judgment, emotional regulation, problem solving, decisions, planning, and creativity. The parietal lobes, in the upper left and right sides of the brain, are involved in higher sensory-motor coordination and language functions. Temporal lobes located above and behind the ears on the left and right sides of the brain are involved in memory, hearing, language, and emotion.
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The 15-20 separate portions of the mammary gland connected together by ducts
milk producing glands of the breast.
A portion of the breast. Each breast has about 20 lobes.
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projections that shape a leaf.
A somewhat rounded subdivision of a bodily organ or part. Reference: L1
Like an earlobe! Round extensions on a leaf (Ex. an oak leaf.)
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divisions of the lung, there being three lobes on the right and two on the left
division of a body organ, such as the lung; there are usually 2 lobes in the left lung and 3 lobes in the right lung.
The two halves of the thyroid gland that give it its butterfly-like shape. The right lobe is often slightly larger than the left lobe.
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local maxima in antenna pattern