Definitions for "Excurrent"
Keywords:  midrib, apex, beyond, trunk, leaf
Running or extending out; as, an excurrent midrib, one which projects beyond the apex of a leaf; an excurrent steam or trunk, one which continues to the top.
a. (L. excurrere, to run out, project) projecting beyond the tip, as the midrib of a leaf or bract.
With a tip projecting beyond the main part of the organ.
a major tree form resulting from strong apical control. Trees with this form have a strong central stem and pyramidal shape. Lateral branches rarely compete for dominance. Most conifers and a few hardwoods, such as sweetgum and tuliptree, have excurrent forms.
Excurrent branching is the type of branching that exists in a pine tree. There is one main trunk with a whorl of branches at each node. This is also known as Monopodial Branching.
A tree form in which the bole or main axis is clearly defined; the main stem outgrows the secondary, lateral branches due to strong apical dominance, usually resulting in a cone-shaped crown.
Running or flowing out
Characterized by a current which flows outward; as, an excurrent orifice or tube.