Definitions for "Shapes "
Definite, specific and 2-dimensional forms.
compote, bowls, nappy, bonbon,, vases, pitchers, tumblers, mugs, plates, sweet meat, pin tray, pickle dish, creamer and sugar to name a few. Edges can be ice cream shaped (round), ruffled (can be either 6 or 8, 10,or 12), pie crust edge, 3 and one edge, candy ribbon edge.
Available as rounds, ovals, triangles, squares every conceivable geometric shape
"Shapes" was the eighteenth episode of the first season of The X-Files science-fiction television series created by Chris Carter. It dealt mainly with lycanthropy.
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Shapes is Polvo's fifth and final studio album. It was recorded by Bob Weston and released on Touch and Go Records in 1997.
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A form of crooked dice, not true cubes though they look true.
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Shapes is a simple activity game. You can move shapes around and make designs.
an easy to learn puzzle game that let's you play at your own pace
A term used when sorting rough diamonds. "Shapes" are unbroken crystals, but of less regularity than "stones".
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A set of line figures that can be inserted into a slide.
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To give a particular form or shape to.