Definitions for "line"
Direction; as, the line of sight or vision.
Dispositions made to cover extended positions, and presenting a front in but one direction to an enemy.
The path of a moving point. A mark or path made across a surface or through space with length as its primary visual dimension.
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A linen thread or string; a slender, strong cord; also, a cord of any thickness; a rope; a hawser; as, a fishing line; a line for snaring birds; a clothesline; a towline.
Rope put to use on a boat.
A rope or string made of nylon used as a guide to set forms to grade. See grade.
pyasm is a game where to a battle between robots in an enclosure for bullfighting. also can usses to irc
The odds or price, or the number by which a punter will multiply his stake to calculate his winnings.
a bookies list of games and point spreads
That which has length, but not breadth or thickness.
A measure of length; one twelfth of an inch.
To represent by lines; to delineate; to portray.
The course followed by anything in motion; hence, a road or route; as, the arrow descended in a curved line; the place is remote from lines of travel.
The track and roadbed of a railway; railroad.
Français : LIGNE Deutsch : LINIE A group of ROUTEs which is known to the public by a common name or number. See also : Commercial line, Primary line, Secondary line
1) In treaty reinsurance, a CEDENT's RETENTION. 2) In SURPLUS REINSURANCE, the divisions of a treaty that, as a whole, describe the capacity of that treaty. 3) A line of business 4) An underwriter's interest in a risk.
1) Either the limit of insurance to be written on a class of risk which a company has fixed for itself ("net line"), or the actual amount which it has accepted on a single risk or other unit ("gross line"). 2) A class or type of insurance (fire, marine or casualty, among others), also known as line of business. 3) The word "line" in reinsurance usually pertains to surplus reinsurance and means the amount of the reinsured's retention in regard to each risk. Thus, reference to a "two­line" reinsurance treaty pertains to a treaty which affords reinsurance for up to 200% of the reinsured's retention.
A share of an insurance or of reinsurance business. Thus, the proportion of an insurance accepted by a Lloyd's syndicate is termed a line. In reinsurance the original insurer's retention is termed a line. Thus a ten-line reinsurance treaty is one under which the insurer retains one line (one-eleventh of the insurance) and can place with the various reinsurers ten lines (ten-elevenths of the insurance) / A category of insurance, e.g., fire (U.S.).
(Acronym of ong IN terspersed lement) An interspersed repetitive sequence typically longer than 5,000 base pairs found in 10' or more copies in the genomes of multicellular eukaryotes.
See Long Interspersed Nucleotide Element.
Long Interspersed Nucleotide Element. A Unique Event Polymorphism which is several thousand bases in length, with about 500,000 copies scattered over the human genome.
The exterior limit of a figure, plat, or territory; boundary; contour; outline.
In visual arts, an element of art and design that pertains to the narrow mark or path of a moving point on the surface or along the contours of an image.
A set of ordered coordinates that represent the shape of a linear geographic feature. It has a length and direction but no area. Examples include streams, roads, and telecommunication lines.
A more or less threadlike mark of pen, pencil, or graver; any long mark; as, a chalk line.
A threadlike crease marking the face or the hand; hence, characteristic mark.
A long tape, or a narrow ribbon of steel, etc., marked with subdivisions, as feet and inches, for measuring; a tapeline.
Refers to the pledge class or group of pledges (prospective members) for a fraternity or sorority. The traditional practice of calling a pledge class a line is common amongst NPHC organizations.
An NPHC term somewhat equal to a pledge class. They are the potential new members of the organization. Lines are often given names.
The persons pledging together through intake in NPHC.
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The wire connecting one telegraphic station with another, or the whole of a system of telegraph wires under one management and name.
A logical telephone connection on which a call can take place.
1. In SNA, a connection to the network. 2. See link.
LINE Is Not an Emulator. LINE executes unmodified Linux applications on Windows by intercepting Linux system calls.
LINE is a utility which executes unmodified Linux applications on Windows by intercepting Linux system calls. The Linux applications themselves are not emulated, since they run directly on the CPU just like all other Windows applications.
The equator; -- usually called the line, or equinoctial line; as, to cross the line.
In plant breeding, plants originating from common parents or a common cross that is undergoing selection or improvement and which may become identified as a variety.
an inbred homozygous strain (C. D. Darlington & K. Mather, The elements of genetics, 1949, London, Allen & Unwin). `An assemblage of sexually reproducing individuals of uniform appearance propagated by seeds or spores, its stability maintained by selection to a standard ` (Cult. Code, Art. I lb). isolate. a subdivision of a physiologic race (E. C. Stakman & D. M. Stewart, Memorandum regarding taxonomy of physiologic races of Puccinia graminis var. tritici, 1957), e.g. physiologic race l5B-(line) l. In plant pathology the term should be used only in the sense of (2), as applying to host plants.
a homozygous, pure breeding group of individuals phenotypically distinct from other members of the same species. Broader than strain. [CUB
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cover a baking sheet or pan with wax paper or parchment paper to prevent sticking.
To cover a pan or cookie sheet with paper to prevent foods from sticking.
To cover the bottom and/or sides of a pan with paper, foil or a thin layer of food slices.
A unit of organization in a text file including all the characters up to and including the line end character (either carriage return, line feed, or both, depending on operating system).
(n.) a source form record containing up to 72 characters in the case of Fortran 77 and up to 132 characters in the case of Fortran 90.
Spacing: Actual space between lines of text characters on a page. The standard computer default of "single" can be "squeezed" or "expanded" as space allows.
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The main direction of an attack. See high line; inside line; low line; outside line.
The lateral designation of the target areas, as: high-outside, low-outside, high-inside, and low-inside. The line may be open or closed, according to the relationship of the attacking blade, the target, and the defending blade.
(i.) see blade in line (ii.) high lines - blade positions of sixte and quarte and the imaginary lines from them (iii.) low lines - blade positions of septime and octave and the imaginary lines from them (iv.) high lines - blade positions of sixte and quarte and the targets protected by them (v.) low lines - blade positions of septime and octave and the targets protected by them
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The most ideal trajectory on straights and through corners for the fastest lap time. After rain, cars will sweep "the line" dry though the rest of the track remains damp.
The trajectory the sled makes down the course.
The intended trajectory of the golf ball
The regular infantry of an army, as distinguished from militia, guards, volunteer corps, cavalry, artillery, etc.
The Line Formation was a standard tactical formation used throughout history. The Line formation provided the best frontage for volley fire, while sacrificing maneuverability and defence against cavalry. The Line formation came to the fore during the Age of Reason, when it was used to great effect by Frederick the Great and his enemies during the Seven Years' War.
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A row of men who are abreast of one another, whether side by side or some distance apart; -- opposed to column.
A formation in which the elements are abreast, except that a section or platoon is in line one behind the other when its squads are in line.
A skater's carriage and position relative to the ice is referred to as his or her "line." The term is also used in ballet and dance.
A synchronized skating formation in which the skaters are arranged in a single line, side-by-side.
The manufacturer name for a family of cars with certain features in common, such as body type, cab type, chassis, etc.
refers to a name that a manufacturer applies to a group or family of vehicles within a make which have a degree of commonality in construction (such as body, chassis, cab type).
To place persons or things along the side of for security or defense; to strengthen by adding anything; to fortify; as, to line works with soldiers.
A straight row; a continued series or rank; as, a line of houses, or of soldiers; a line of barriers.
The direction in which the player intends the ball to travel after it is hit. In most cases, the correct line is a straight one. It often happens, however, that the line is different for two players, particularly if one is a longer hitter than the other.
A type or kind of insurance.
Several bales of fibre of a similar type.
A type or category of insurance. For example: Homeowners, Farmowners, Mobilehomeowners and Commercial are traditional lines of Property insurance.
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A verse, or the words which form a certain number of feet, according to the measure.
A unit in the structure of a poem consisting of one or more metrical feet arranged as a rhythmical entity. Sidelight: The line is fundamental to the perception of poetry, since it is an important factor in the distinction between prose and verse. Sidelight: In metrical verse, line lengths are usually determined by genre or convention, as well as by meter. But otherwise, and especially in free verse, a poet can give emphasis to a word or phrase by isolating it in a short line. Sidelight: In recitation aloud (performance), the line-end is a signal for a slight, non-metrical pause. Sidelight: The traditional practice of capitalizing the initial line-letters contributes to the visual perception of the line as a unit; this practice is often not observed in modern free verse.(See also Stich)
The side of an expressway or arterial on which an outdoor media unit is positioned.
The side of a highway or street on which an outdoor units is positioned.
The roadside on which an outdoor structure is positioned along a highway or street.
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Flax; linen.
The longer and finer fiber of flax.
Lines, real or imaginary, created by the positioning of the various body parts in a visually pleasing manner.
An imaginary line drawn through the CENTER OF BUOYANCY and the CENTER OF GRAVITY. Minimum WAVE DRAG is produced when this line is kept parallel to the water surface and perpendicular to the turning walls. (See also ROLL, PITCH, YAW)
(noun) A real or imaginary mark positioned in relation to fixed points of reference.
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insincere flattery
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cover the inside of a dish, bowl or mould with paper, pastry, gelatine etc.
Dated synonym for a game of bowling.
The line of attack the bowler employs when he is bowling
one or more SONET sections, including network elements at each end, capable of accessing, generating, and processing line overhead
From a switching viewpoint the loop station equipment and central office associated equipment assigned to a customer. From a transmission viewpoint the line is the transmission segment between a customer's station equipment and a switching system. In SONET a line often consists of multiple sections.
A series or succession of ancestors or descendants of a given person; a family or race; as, the ascending or descending line; the line of descent; the male line; a line of kings.
See racing line.
A line of descent from one progenitor, not necessarily limited in time or place. = branch.
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Used by some crews in notes to remind them to keep line in preparation to approaching corner.
Freight line Trucking Company.
n: in crane and truck operations, a rope attached to the bottom of a load suspended by the crane or truck, which, when grasped by a crew member, allows the crew member to prevent rotation and to assist in guiding the load.
Rigging , Parts Lines Parts , Tools , Expressions
Rigging , Parts Mainsail Sails , Rigging Martingale Rigging , Parts Mast Rigging , Parts
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A trench or rampart.
To put something in the inside of; to fill; to supply, as a purse with money.
To cover the inside surface of; to draw lines on.
To cover the inside of a container with paper to aid in removing mixture. Marbling - Term used for fat deposits within the muscles. Unlike intramuscular and subcutaneous fat, this fat forms part of the edible meat and cannot be removed. It ensures a tender and more flavoured steak.
Form of a vessel as shown by the outlines of vertical, horizontal, and oblique sections.
The track of single horizontal movement of TV Aperture ; e. g. the course of the scanning beam of a CRT display during one line, the spot size representing the aperture size Time interval while single horizontal movement of TV Aperture takes place.
Horizontal lines are used in WWW systems to subdivide pages. There is a built in feature in the language used to create web pages that allow designers to divide a page (see the bottom of this page for an example.) However, some designers feel that a graphic serves a better purpose and so they create special graphics to divide the page.
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See playline
See incisure.
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One or more communication channels (accessed together as a unit) used by the application in performing telephony functions through TAPI and TSPI. A computer may provide its applications with access to multiple lines, and each line may provide different capabilities. It is the choice of the service provider for a line to decide how to model its resources. Note that a line need not correspond to a physical connection from the switch to the computer. For example, the realization of a line may involve a LAN-based server and a shared control link to the switch. In essence, a line is any device that implements the line behavior defined by TAPI and by the SPI as the set of functions and messages for lines.
An essential of musical artistry, implying legato and consistency of timbre.
Absorption spectra are formed when continuous spectra from a star shine through a gas that absorbs only certain colours of light. The absorption spectra, therefore, look like continuous spectra with dark bands (absorption lines) at discrete wavelengths. These lines characterise the chemical composition of the gas which surrounds the star.
A general term for a discrete voice or part in a vocal or instrumental composition.
Lineament; feature; figure.
cost, price, money. Ex. "What is the line on this drape". (how much does this suit cost)?, "Have you got the line in the mouse" (do you have the cash in your pocket)? (Also, in replying all figures are doubled. Ex. "This drape is line forty" (this suit costs twenty dollars) .
An entire family of action figures, encompasing both Series and Waves. All DC Direct figures are one line.
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local extrema
The totality of products derived from one fragrance or one company. This website sells the entire Histoires de Parfums line.
A connected series of public conveyances, and hence, an established arrangement for forwarding merchandise, etc.; as, a line of stages; an express line.
That which was measured by a line, as a field or any piece of land set apart; hence, allotted place of abode.
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See Conductor.
The conductors placed between the poles on a distribution or transmission line. May be used as short hand to describe the complete power transporting poles and conductors on the poles.
A tube, pipe or hose that acts as a conductor of hydraulic fluid.
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As related to mapping, a line is a segment that does not close
In GIS it is sometimes called an arc, a link or a segment. It is a line segment which directly links two points (nodes) on a map.
(3) The extension of a line segment forever.
Text Views : A line of text as seen on the view. A line is a member of just one paragraph. One paragraph may consist of many lines. Lines only apply to text that has been formatted. ETel : A physical line from which calls are made. See also: line capability  phone  callparagraph  formatted band
a succession of single notes.
(1) A melody of successive, single notes. (2) A composed melody over predetermined chord changes, such as 'a line on Cherokee'. (3) One of the different voices, such as the bass or the melody.
Bus used to deliver power to the input terminals of a converter. Also see Bus, High Line and Low Line.
A Metro do Porto service between two terminals, stopping at all intermediate stations.
To form into a line; to align; as, to line troops.
Refers to a specific, designated alignment under the Build Alternative (e.g., Line A, Line S, etc.)
Two or three marbles that move along the direction in which they are aligned
One of six constituents of an I Ching hexagram showing the nature of the situation and its future shape.
A family of hamsters which have been bred for several generations.
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The data between a SOM (Start of Message symbol) and an EOM (End of Message symbol).
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The reins with which a horse is guided by his driver.
The strap leading from the bit to the driver's hands in a driving harness
Ancient French measuring unit maintained in horology to indicate the diameter of a movement (s.). A line (expressed by the symbol ''') equals 2.255mm. Lines are not divided into decimals; therefore, to indicate measures inferior to the unit, fractions are used (e.g. movements of 13'''3/4 or 10'''1/2).
A line is a system of poles, conduits, wires, cables, transformers, fixtures, and accessory equipment used for the distribution of electricity to the public.
1. Any system of pipes or wires for conducting water, gas, electricity, etc. 2. A long, thin mark.
Capacity refers to the amount of information that can be transmitted over a wire or cable in one second.
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To cover the inner surface of; as, to line a cloak with silk or fur; to line a box with paper or tin.
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See Painter.
A series of various qualities and values of the same general class of articles; as, a full line of hosiery; a line of merinos, etc.
Course of conduct, thought, occupation, or policy; method of argument; department of industry, trade, or intellectual activity.
The string stretched taut from lead to lead as a guide for laying the top edge of a brick course.
Substance preparation for inhalating Cocaine
Rated according to how much weight it can withstand before breaking. Ultralight line is rated as four-pound test and under.
A predefined named selection identifying atoms in the selection plus the primary inertial axis of the selected atoms. A molecular system can only have one LINE selection at a time.
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Hold the Flies while you toss them into the water. Bigger fish require heavier lines.
To impregnate; -- applied to brute animals.
A circle of latitude or of longitude, as represented on a map.
A line is a single transaction. It represents a line on an invoice, or one stop at a bin front.
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An I-DEAS-wide icon that displays the part as lines (edges).
An authority relationship in organization al positions where one person (a manager) has responsibility for the activities of another person (the subordinate). [D02959] PMDT
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To read or repeat line by line; as, to line out a hymn.
line read one line
What a new member class is called in a historically African American Greek-letter organization.
Reference to a group in historically Black Greek organizations
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A number of shares taken by a jobber.
in newspaper advertising, a unit for measuring space; see agate line and column inch.
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A row of letters, words, etc., written or printed; esp., a row of words extending across a page or column.
The result of a single pass of the sensor from left to right across the image.
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Instruction; doctrine.
A collection of cells produced by continuously growing a particular cell culture in vitro. Such a cell line will usually contain a number of individual clones.
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A visible divergence in the sewer line. May be left, right, up or down.
A class of business written by an insurer; also refers to the limit of insurance an insurer is willing to underwrite either for a particular risk or class of risks.
The proportion of a risk accepted by an underwriter. Also used to refer to the amount that an underwriter has fixed as his maximum exposure for any one risk.
Wave Form Produced by Interaction of All Motions Operating on an Event LIVE LOAD The load superimposed by the use & occupancy of a building
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filament, string, or whatever you can find to tie to your pole.
Abbreviation for the constant voltage and frequency AC power line.
Decorative element appearing as a line constant in width, generally used to enhance furniture doors and table tops
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The minimum and maximum amount that customers may wager at a particular table.
The minimum and maximum bet amounts allowed for a bet.
An assortment of designs offered by one designer or manufacturer.
A monitored or external resource.
The logical representation of a line of text from the source code of the external representation of a compilation unit.
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See "Groove."
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Ties together a user, a phone, and a PBX server. A line manages calls for that user through that server.
A group of forwards who usually play together for a team because their skills complement one another.
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rate Blanking.
Keywords:  error, asp, number, returns, occurred
Line number where the error occurred.
The Line property returns the number of the line within the ASP file that generated the error.
A description of the location and grade of a tunnel.
used loosely to specify a nominal pressure in a system, often acting as the reference pressure for differential pressure measurements. Often known as static pressure
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A group of related animals within a breed.
Keywords:  diagonal, rank, file, general, term
A general term used for a rank, file or a diagonal.
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Either a curve or an arc. Except for some exceptional arcs, a line is always smooth.
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A short letter; a note; as, a line from a friend.
Keywords:  drip, pipe, rows, plastic, transport
Another term for plastic pipe or plastic tubing that is used to transport water along rows of plants or from tree to tree in a drip system.
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What you feed your spouse in order to obtain funding for additional boat-related purchases.
In BASIC, a line consists of one or more BASIC statements preceded either by a line number in the range of 0 to 32767, or an immediate mode line with no line number.
The proper relative position or adjustment of parts, not as to design or proportion, but with reference to smooth working; as, the engine is in line or out of line.
A designer's particular collection for a certain fashion season. Also called Collection.
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The group of three forwards made up of the center, right wing and left wing.
Keywords:  cord, measuring
A measuring line or cord.
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See Divided line
a share of an insurance which is divided among two or more insurers
The physical phone line between the phone company central office and a subscriber.
Keywords:  byte, field, identifier, data
Data byte in a CAN data or identifier field.
The sequence of words printed as a separate entity on the page.
Keywords:  intake, members, process
All members of an intake process
Keywords:  carrier, electric, power, system
A carrier of electricity on an electric power system.
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See picture line.
A telephone line linking the users equipment with the computer.
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linked list
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see rule
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linear ("linearis") ALSO meaning "lined" ("lineatus")
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See cell line.