Definitions for "Steak"
Keywords:  beef, slice, meat, broiled, slab
A slice of beef, broiled, or cut for broiling; -- also extended to the meat of other large animals; as, venison steak; bear steak; pork steak; turtle steak.
A cut of meat taken from the muscle grains, usually thick and made of beef. Can be served fried or boiled.
a slice of meat cut from the fleshy part of an animal or large fish
Keywords:  porterhouse
about ( Porterhouse Steak)
Keywords:  steek, stab
steek stab
Keywords:  terrible, waste, thing
a terrible thing to waste
Keywords:  sausage, non, issue
a non-issue, a sausage is a non-issue
"Steak" is a "English <--> German" dictionary for Unix Systems.