Definitions for "Beef"
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An animal of the genus Bos, especially the common species, Bos taurus, including the bull, cow, and ox, in their full grown state; esp., an ox or cow fattened for food.
The flesh of an ox, or cow, or of any adult bovine animal, when slaughtered for food.
Applied colloquially to human flesh.
Disagreement or conflict.
complain; "What was he hollering about?"
a complaint or disagreement within the organization, usually discussed during a sit-down with higher-ups in the Family.
Beef (released on DVD in September 2003) is a film that documents the history of rivalries in hip hop and rap music. The film was produced by Casey Suchan and Denis Henry Hennelly, executive produced by Quincy Jones III (QD3), written by Peter Alton and Peter Spirer (who also directed), and was narrarated by actor Ving Rhames. In this film, it shows a chronological look of battles (some friendly, but many personal), dating back to rap music's infancy in the early 1980s.
aka Daniel Steinhurst. Beef was one of the original Second Front Fascists. He was House Manager of TEP for 3 terms, and ran again, leading to the campaign slogan, "Elect me to an unprecedented and a completely unwarranted fourth term as House Manager." Currently at University of Arizona graduate school in chemistry.
If raw and bloody, cancers and tumors of a malignant nature will attack the subject. Be on your guard as to bruises and hurts of any kind. To see, or eat cooked beef, anguish surpassing human aid is before you. Loss of life by horrible means will occur. Beef properly served under pleasing surroundings denotes harmonious states in love and business, if otherwise, evil is foreboded, though it may be of a trifling nature.
Beef is an RSS news aggregation tool for the GNOME desktop. It provides a daemonized process to do updates in the background and alerts you of new news, so that you can read the news you want to see.
Beef (Buford Wilson) is a fictional character from Marvel Comics, a mutant from the Hellions group created as the antithesis to the X-Men's junior team of mutants, the New Mutants.
A Dispute
Dispute over a wager
Dispute Longshot Large Underdog
An exceptionally cool or powerful card that is not Broken. "Wow, with 6 Butt-kicking and 4 weirdness, the Judge is beef!"
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Gai ka gosht.
informal terms for objecting; "I have a gripe about the service here"
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to say, to state. Ex. "He beefed to me that, etc."
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Of, pertaining to, or resembling, beef.
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criminal charge.
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Buffed men.
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Someone who does a lot for the Family.
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Any situation that is or may cause a problem.