Definitions for "Complaint"
Expression of grief, regret, pain, censure, or resentment; lamentation; murmuring; accusation; fault-finding.
Cause or subject of complaint or murmuring.
A formal allegation or charge against a party made or presented to the appropriate court or officer, as for a wrong done or a crime committed (in the latter case, generally under oath); an information; accusation; the initial bill in proceedings in equity.
Trent has a formal complaints procedure as part of the quality management system.
(See Grievance.)
an expression of dissatisfaction by a consumer about an agency's service connected with the BSDP. It relates to any part of the Program with which the consumer has dealt.
a claim of illegal discrimination that is handled through an administrative procedure
an informal claim by an employee covered by this Agreement or by the PSC of improper, unfair, arbitrary or discriminatory treatment
an informal claim by an employee in the bargaining unit, or by the PSC of improper, unfair, arbitrary or discriminatory treatment
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Feedback that you are unhappy about some aspect of the Public Mental Health System (PMHS).
When you are unhappy with CBH or your provider.
A written or verbal expression of unhappiness or concern with CBHNP or a Provider. A complaint is a way of addressing your concerns.
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Poetic form derived from the Latin in which poets bewail social evils or the vicissitudes of life e.g. Complaint to his Purse by Geoffrey Chaucer.
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What you'll get from your neighbours if you let off loud fireworks without warning them first
(formerly) a loud cry (or repeated cries) of pain or rage or sorrow
a formal notification, either orally or in writing, of the belief that harassment has occurred
The formal mechanism to start an investigation of potential wrongdoings by insurers, agents and premium finance companies licensed and doing business in the start of Texas.
A charge by any person or group that a utility or transportation company under CPUC jurisdiction has violated the Public Utilities Code or an order or regulation of the Commission. Complaints may be either formal or informal.
a request by a competitor to the Director to investigate any matter in which the competitor is dissatisfied
a request for assistance from someone such as a client or student who feels there has been unethical conduct by an NCGR member
Official documentation required by an entity responsible for regulating your professional conduct to trigger an investigation of you for a medical incident covered by this policy.
is a matter brought to the Forest Practices Board (the Board) in writing. It includes information specified in the "Notice of Complaint." in a Notice of Complaint.
a notice of a hazard or a violation of the Act believed to exist in a workplace given by an employee, a representative of employees, or any other source not listed in B
a matter that is brought to the Board in writing and includes information required in a Notice of Complaint.
EU citizenship confers the right of complaint to the EU Ombudsman on matters to do with flawed administration by certain EU institutions. (See EU citizenship: Petition and Ombudsman, The European Ombudsman website)
People have a right to complain about a service where they think they have been unfairly treated, or have received unsatisfactory services.
a tremendous opportunity if you handle the situation tactfully
A complaint by a recipient that they received spam from a particular sender. Recipients usually register complaints with their ISPs, who use them to determine blocking and/or filtering strategies. Sophisticated email service providers also process recipient complaints both directly and via complaint channels set up through ISPs in order to monitor their systems for potential abuse, and to ensure that their customers experience the maximum deliverability possible.
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An ailment or disease of the body.
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a bit like a cold - no one wants to catch one, but if we do, we work through it
a want in disguise
The document you signed contesting the value or classification of the property you own or in which you have an interest.
a document which contains information showing that a certain product originating in a third country is being exported to the European Community at dumped prices, and that this dumped product is causing injury to the Community industry
the name of the document that begins a support case.
Members or doctors may make a complaint when there is a disagreement about services, billing, or general procedure.
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a form that says how the person was hurt, who hurt them and how much the damages are
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A complaint occurs whenever a consumer or provider complains to the State of New York about a health insurer or HMO.
an often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining
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Any problem that can be resolved informally presented by a consumer or anyone acting on the consumer's behalf that involves how their case is/was handled by MH/MR or a provider of MH/MR services.
called a Bill of Complaint. The legal paper that starts a case.
Referred to as a case and may contain multiple counts.
Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
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a reversible decision
Recovery process, process associated with resolving complaints.
An oral charge against the presence and/or appropriateness of the material in question.
same as Charge.
In medicine, a disorder, disease, or symptom.
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a very important thing
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