Definitions for "Counts"
Applied to frequency counts. Number of OMIM entries analysed for which the frequency of a given word in the linked abstracts was between two values. The total of counts is normalized to one. For example, if the number of frequency counts for a word is 0.5 for the range 0.0-0.1 it means that for 50% of the OMIM entries the word is used in less than a 10% of the abstracts.
The number of gamma-rays detected by a gamma-ray spectrometer. The rate depends on the geology, but also on the size and sensitivity of the detector.
The number of time intervals counted by the dual-slope A/D converter and displayed as the reading of the panel meter, before addition of the decimal point.
charges in the indictable jurisdiction are known as counts once they are incorporated into an indictment (see below for indictment).
Counts are specific numerical representation of how many names on a list are located within the mailer's specified criteria.
(Also known as pixel value, image level.) The value at a particular location in an image; an indication of "brightness" at that location.
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