Definitions for "Pleadings"
The mutual pleas and replies of the plaintiff and defendant, or written statements of the parties in support of their claims, proceeding from the declaration of the plaintiff, until issue is joined, and the question made to rest on some single point.
Formal allegations, either written or oral, make by the parties of a lawsuit stating their respective claims and defenses in the action.
Written statements filed with the court which describe a party's legal or factual assertions about the case.
Pleadings are non-evidentiary documents, or the law firm's own documents. You can have multiple sets of Pleadings documents loaded into your case. You provide a descriptive name for each set. Pleadings are searchable and are automatically Blazed (indexed) each time you load them. You can view Pleadings as plain text or in their native format (using Microsoft Word, for example).