Definitions for "Stewardship"
The responsibility for and management of the care, conservation and security of museum collections and cultural heritage, including planning for the future.
The process and attitude of taking responsibility for fostering a healthy environment and for passing such an environment on to future generations. Stewardship is an especially important aspect of landownership.
Governments and specifically ministries of health are responsible for the performance of the health sector and the extent to which it meets pro poor objectives. In redefining the role of governments in the provision of health care, policy makers, regulators and purchaser take up a steward function and are no longer only service providers. Effective health-sector stewardship ­ steering, supervising and enforcing the implementation of health policies and strategies ­ is of central importance to a pro poor health system.Dr GH Brundtland, former Director-General of WHO, argued: «ŠThe careful and responsible management of population well-being is the very essence of good government. In practice, this means that the steward provides leadership to all involved: setting the ³rules of the game² to help them behave in ways that reflect the public interest, monitoring how they behave, and ensuring corrective action is taken when required. Good stewardship is based on clear standards, applied well within the local context, in ways that are as effective and efficient as possibleŠ». (March 2002 )
the process by which a charitable institution acknowledges gifts, recognizes donors, honours donor intent, and invests and uses gifts prudently. It also conveys the sense of ongoing “nurturing” of the donor relationship over time.
process of maintaining ongoing relationships with friends and donors; a critical ingredient in the development process
A process of recognition that continues to convey Miami 's appreciation to donors for their thoughtful commitments.
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a sister of ownership
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a job with a trust
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The office of a steward.
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the position of steward