Definitions for "Integrated Crop Management"
Keywords:  icm, pest, crop, soid, rigidly
a system which integrates a number of ways to control pests and increase yields (including natural, biological controls and careful use of chemicals).
a management system that recognizes and integrates the individual production practices required for success and profitability as dependent variables that can be controlled by the grower in some cases (i.e., drip irrigation to control plant growth or use of row covers to modify/prevent frost damage to crops).
a farming system that meets the requirements of long-term sustainability. It is a whole-farm strategy which involves managing crops profitably, with respect for the environment,in ways which suit local soil, climatic and economic conditions. It safeguards the farm's natural assets in the long term. It includes practices that avoid waste, enhance energy efficiency and minimise pollution. ICM is not a rigidly defined form of crop production but is a dynamic system which adapts and makes sensible use of the latest research,technology, advice and experience