Definitions for "Conservation plan"
Preparation of a strategy for the long-term care of collections. Developing a conservation plan involves identifying the conservation needs of collections, prioritising them and allocating resources to deal with them.
A combination of land uses and farming practices to protect and improve soil productivity and water quality, and to prevent deterioration of natural resources on all or part of a farm. Plans may be prepared by staff working in conservation districts and must meet technical standards. For some purposes, such as conservation compliance, the plan must be approved by the local conservation district. Under the 1996 FAIR Act, conservation plans for conservation compliance must be both technically and economically feasible.
a customized document that outlines the use and best management practices of the natural resources on land you own and/or operate
a document which explains why a site is significant and how that significance will be retained in any future use, alteration, development or repair
a report of conservation alternatives developed jointly with the landowner and technician after a field assessment of the property
a roadmap to protect sensitive species in areas where development is taking place
an attempt to gather knowledge about the site and to make it accessible in the precise context of the job, by linking it to particular parts of the monument