Definitions for "Land Use Plan"
A set of decisions: that establish management direction for land within a specified area, as prescribed under the planning provisions of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act  (FLPMA); and constitute an assimilation of land-use-plan level decisions developed through the planning process outlined in 4 CFR 1600, regardless of the scale at which the decisions were developed.
A coordinated collection of data, programs, and activities related to existing and potential uses of land and resources within a defined area. Commonly associated with local units of government trying to anticipate and organize uses of space so as to meet defined goals. For producers, conservation plans are a type of land use plan.
A written, comprehensive document compiled by a local government that includes goals and strategies for future development or preservation of land. In its projections, the plan specifies certain areas for residential growth, and others for agriculture, industry, business and conservation.
Policy for the use of land that is intended to serve the general welfare.