Definitions for "RMP"
Resource(s) Management Plan
Resource Management Plan. A BLM planning document, prepared in accordance with Section 202 of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act. The plan contains guidelines for making resource management decisions for specific areas managed by BLM, known as resource areas.
Regional Management Plan
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Radio Motor Patrol (marked police car)
Royal Military Police
adio otor atrol. NYPD term for a marked patrol car. Also called a "Blue and white" after the baby-blue and white color scheme of NYPD cars.
Refiner mechanical pulping 1) Sulphur 2) Acid bleaching stage with sodium hydrosulphite (NaHSO3)
Refiner mechanical pulp. Mechanical pulp produced by passing wood chips between the plates of a refiner
reprogrammable microprocessor
Recognised Maritime Picture. The fullest achievable agreed level of identification and tracking of all surface and sub-surface contacts in the area of interest. The RMP is normally associated with the Recognised Air Picture (RAP) of the same area.
A player who has signed up with a PartyPartners brand and made at least one Real money Deposit.
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Reliable Multicast Protocol
San Francisco Bay Regional Monitoring Program
Regional Minerals Program
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Robotic Mobility Platforms
replication mediator protein