Definitions for "Managers"
individuals who may be responsible for the management of a LLC. Specific duties of managers may be set forth in the operating agreement. Members of the LLC may also serve as managers of a LLC.
Individuals within ICS organizational units that are assigned specific managerial responsibilities (e.g., Staging Area Manager or Camp Manager).
The individuals who are responsible for the maintenance, administration and management of the affairs of a limited liability company (LLC). In most states, the managers serve a particular term and report to and serve at the discretion of the members. Specific duties of the managers may be detailed in the articles of organization or the operating agreement of the LLC. In some states, the members of an LLC may also serve as the managers.
Representatives from a chamber to a conference committee; also called conferees.
a workshop that aims to bring some clarity to this confusing world
Individuals in an organization who direct the activities of others.