Definitions for "CMP"
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Container-managed persistence. An entity bean whose state is managed by the EJB container.
Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Proudfoot School)
State's Coastal Management Program as outlined in the CZMA and approved by NOAA. In Minnesota the program is titled: "Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program".
Chemical Mechanical Polishing (Verfahren zur IC Dünnung)
Chemical Mechanical Polishing: A polishing process used to make the fabrication wafers as flat as possible.
Chemical mechanical polishing. Polishing the top surface of a wafer aided by a slurry containing an abrasive grit suspended in reactive chemical agents. As the name implies, the polishing action is partly mechanical and partly chemical. Both metals and oxides can be polished with CMP.
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CMP Científica
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See Cytokine Modulating Proteins.
Cytokine Modulating Proteins. specific molecules of CMP assist the body manage normal cellular growth; work with the body to repair damaged cells.
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Compares the contents of two files. If the files are different, then cmp returns the byte posititon and line number of the first difference between the two files. If there is no difference, then cmp returns nothing. The cmp command works on all files not just text files. Other similar commands such as comm and diff only work with text files. Example: cmp my.file If there was a difference in the files the output would look something like my.file differ: char 56, line 3 You can use the -l switch to have it show all the differences between two files.
Command Module Pilot. The CMP is the second in command of the mission and remains on board the command module while the commander and lunar module pilot descend to the lunar surface in the LM. He occupies the center seat in the command module during launch and cruise.
Checks whether two files differ 1113
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Commission Mixte Paritaire
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Central Muon UPgrade- part of the CDF detector that detects muons, which extended the coverage for Run II.
CMP Resources Ltd., a predecessor company to Kinross Gold Corporation.
Chip Level Multiprocessing , like multiprocessor chip
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Camshaft Position
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fire rating approved by NFPA for plenum cable.
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Acronym: 'Cover Me Partner'. See CMAP.
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Corrugated Metal Pipe
Customer Momentum Preservation
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Complete Metabolic Panel. A BMP along with tests that help determine the function of the liver.
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Computer Mediated Telephony
Controlled Master Program. Refers to a program wherein all policies and their terms and conditions are agreed centrally with a worldwide Insurer(s) and supported by underlying (admitted where required and/or desired) policies issued in each country where the Insured operates.
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China Main Port
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See Office of Acquisitions.
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Common Minimum Programme
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Common Mid Point
(1) Certified Meeting Professional. (2) Complete Meeting Package.