Definitions for "Scenic "
Of or pertaining to scenery; of the nature of scenery; theatrical.
used of locations; having beautiful natural scenery; "scenic drives"
of or relating to the stage or stage scenery; "scenic design"
Shelley database term for photograph like pictures applied to the surfaces of china pieces. Shelley scenics were generally applied to relatively flat-surfaced shapes like Henley, Cambridge, Richmond, and many plate shapes.
Paints the sets, as well as backdrops as needed. Also applies wallpaper. A Scenic will fall into Category Two if paid by the project and Category Three if paid by the hour. However, a Scenic in Category Two must establish Risk of Loss through a method other than being paid by the project.[ edit
Scenic is the first full-length album by Denver Harbor, released on October 12 2004 on Universal Records. It contains re-recorded versions of four of the five tracks from their debut EP Extended Play ("Picture Perfect Wannabe", "Outta My Head", "Satisfied" and "Way Back Home"), as well as two of the three songs from their 2003 demo ("All I Want" and "Move On").
Fungicide for seed treatment; active ingredients: fluoxastrobin, prothioconazole; main application: cereals
Scenic is a scene-based 2D graphics library for Java. Its purpose is to enable the development of graphics intensive applications using the capabilities of modern graphics cards. It aims to be fast and offer high-quality graphics. The rendering code uses either DirectX or OpenGL to access the graphics hardware.
Scenic is a 2-dimensional scene based graphics library.
refers to print motifs with a landscape theme.
AREA: means any visually sensitive area or scenic landscape identified through a visual landscape inventory or planning process carried out or approved by the district manager
Attractive and interesting view of the landscape.