Definitions for "Graphics"
The art or the science of drawing; esp. of drawing according to mathematical rules, as in perspective, projection, and the like.
information displayed as pictures or images instead of text
Anything visually displayed on a computer that is not text. Reference
The term for the computer artwork used in presenting the images of a typical casino poker room, including the table, chairs, avatars, cards, and chips online.
A broad term for reproductions of artwork such as lithographs, serigraphs, and engravings.
show HIDE Printing effects such as tinted screens, tool lines, display type, and artwork.
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The output from a graphics board to a monitor - what one sees as computer output on a monitor (as differentiated from video)
the process whereby a computer displays graphics on a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) and an operator can manipulate them
video ouput on a computer display
Loads a program that can print graphics.
The use of lines and figures to display data, as opposed to the use of printed characters. See: bit-map graphics.
a creative production studio where all the graphical content for Film, advertising commercials, TV media and print media are created
(n) Use of chyrons or supers with color or backgrounds or "freeze frames" of video to convey information that reinforces the meaning and script of a story. Very effective when used right.
a bit easier to understand, as its not the timing there
a dedicated web design agency whose core purpose is to enable its customers profitability through building a thorough understanding of their business to design a web site to create new, or enhance existing channels to market
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a fast-growing, Onwer - managed business
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a Web Site Development and Graphic Design Company that strives to make each project an interactive work of art that will attract customers to your business, not drive them away from it
This is an art piece added to the video.
The term used to describe a fine art print, generally a limited edition.
Graphics let a viewer see what's going on in a simulation, vital of course for presentation purposes, but equally important so that as a model is being built it can be built accurately, and any errors found easily. For presentation purposes SIMUL8 simulations can easily be animated, so that movement of work items can be shown, and also so that stores and machinery (or other places where jobs take place) can be achieved by simple mouse clicks
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Self-adhesive stickers.
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Gray Scale Gutter
A conductor to which all components of an electric circuit are connected. It has a potential of zero (0) volts, and is the point of reference for voltages in the circuit. An electrically neutral contact point.
a MultiMedia company specialising in the
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a support service to Designers, Businesses, and Individuals, offering Communication and Marketing Materials to help you Advertise, Promote, Sell and Inform
Hardware Health Higher Education
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Graphical application