Definitions for "Chairs"
wooden chair, bentwood chair, captain's chair, cane chair, box chair, barrel chair, straight chair, Shaker chair, ladder-back chair, wheel-back chair, panel-back chair, rocking chair, Boston rocker, nursing chair, bucket seat, dining chair, upholstered chair, leather chair, armchair, easy chair, Morris chair, Queen-Anne chair, Sheraton chair, Windsor chair, wing chair, club chair, reclining chair, recliner, lounge chair, side chair, carver chair, folding chair, otserna chair, swivel chair, deck chair, highchair, camp chair (or seat), stool, milking stool, bar stool, stall, choir stall, bench, settle, couch, studio couch, Grecian couch, sofa, chesterfield, chaise longue, settee, Brewster chair, divan, love seat.
An arm chair is a chair with either open or upholstered seat, back, or arms. Because the designs of arm chairs can differ greatly, an arm chair can be big and overstuffed or fine and delicate.
Keywords:  bullhead, sleepers, laid, rail, attach
The base into which bullhead rail is laid in order to attach it to the sleepers.
Plastic shapes used to support reinforcing steel prior to placement of concrete.