Definitions for "Divan"
A cushioned seat, or a large, low sofa or couch; especially, one fixed to its place, and not movable.
a long backless sofa (usually with pillows against a wall)
a kind of upholstered chaise longue with a tall back on one side (if that makes any sense
In Turkey and other Oriental countries: A council of state; a royal court. Also used by the poets for a grand deliberative council or assembly.
A chief officer of state.
A saloon or hall where a council is held, in Oriental countries, the state reception room in places, and in the houses of the richer citizens. Cushions on the floor or on benches are ranged round the room.
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A book; esp., a collection of poems written by one author; as, the divan of Hafiz.
a collection of Persian or Arabic poems (usually by one author)
a collection of spiritual writings
the parliament of Moldavia or Wallachia
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a hot dish made with chicken