Definitions for "Governor-General"
An official appointed to govern over a colony on behalf of the colonial power, for example the Governor-General of South Africa represented the British Crown in the South African government, which were headed by the Prime Minister.
The person appointed by the Sovereign on the advice of the New Zealand government to be the Sovereign's representative in New Zealand. Governor-General wbsite Back to the Top
Under the Regulating Act of 1773, the highest post in the administration of British India, with a residence at Government House (now Raj Bhavan) and a country residence at Barrackpore (on the opposite bank of the Hooghly to Serampore).
The person who does the job of Head of State for the Queen because she does not live in Australia.
The Queen is formally Australia's head of state but is represented by the Governor-General of the Commonwealth and the Governors of each state.