Definitions for "Pasha"
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An honorary title given to officers of high rank in Turkey, as to governers of provinces, military commanders, etc. The earlier form was bashaw.
ruler of Egypt, and also used more generally to denote someone of standing, as Enver Pasha; outranks a Bey or an Effendi; from Ottoman Turkish; also occasionally bestowed on Westerners, such as Thomas Russell Pasha
Honorary title to show a man's importance
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Pasha, also known as DGCR8, is a protein localized to the cell nucleus that is required for micro RNA processing. It binds to Drosha, an RNase III enzyme, to form the Microprocessor complex that cleaves a primary transcript known as pri-miRNA to a characteristic stem-loop structure known as a pre-miRNA, which is then further processed to si RNA fragments by the enzyme Dicer. Pasha contains an RNA-binding domain and is thought to bind pri-miRNA to stabilize it for processing by Drosha.
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High official or prince of the area.