Definitions for "Malta"
A country on the island of Malta.
An island south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea.
an island in the Mediterranean Sea; known as “Melita” to the Romans; once controlled by the Carthaginians, it was added to the Roman Republic in 218 BCE and became attached to the province of Sicily.
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24/3/97 tba
The first couplet in a ghazal. Both lines of the malta contain a repeating word or phrase called a radif that usually appears as an end-rhyme.
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Malta, Montana is an station stop for the Amtrak Empire Builder. The station had 3,582 boardings during Amtrak's 2006 fiscal year, an increase of 108 boardings from FY2005. The station, platform, and parking are owned by BNSF Railway.
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Vodafone Malta Website
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Malta is a type of soft drink. It is a carbonated malt beverage, meaning it is brewed from barley and hops much like beer. However, malta is non-alcoholic.
a great little place if you fancy getting out of Dublin to somewhere warm and relaxing
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Malta Financial Services Centre
A3 Adverse political or economic circumstances may lead to a worsening payment record that is already lower than the previous categories, although the probability of a payment default is still low.
Government of Malta Ministry of Finance Department of Customs Central Office of Statistics (COS)
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a branch of this network