Definitions for "Levant"
The countries washed by the eastern part of the Mediterranean and its contiguous waters.
Land area between Mesopotamia and Egypt; it includes modern day Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Jordan
Eastern end of the Mediterranean.
Heavy, coarse-grained morocco leather often used to bind a book.
A variety of goatskin of high quality used in bookbinding. It has a coarse grain and can take a high polish.
A good quality morocco with a course grain.
Keywords:  couchant, risen, cattle, rest, rising
Rising or having risen from rest; -- said of cattle. See Couchant and levant, under Couchant.
Keywords:  decamp, run, debt, off, paying
To run away from one's debts; to decamp.
run off without paying a debt
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A levanter (the wind so called).
Same as levante.