Definitions for "Sheepskin"
Also known as Lambskin. This is a light, fine grained hide from sheep. Handbag with sheepskin Made by - M. ANDONIA photo provided by substatic
the most widely used generic term to also cover lambskins and shearling. A by-product of the meat and wool industries. Much of the world's premium sheepskins come from New Zealand and Australia. It is an extremely versatile material and as a sheepskin specialist retailer, we offer a diverse range of products from sheepskin car seat covers to sheepskin slippers and lambskin baby rugs to huge designer sheepskin rug masterpieces.
Sheepskin is the hide of a sheep, sometimes also called lambswool. It is used to produce sheepskin leather products and soft, wool-lined clothing or coverings, including: gloves, hats, footstools and pelts (sheepskin rugs). In particular, lambswool is the principal material used in the ugg boots, footwear traditionally produced in Australia and New Zealand.
The skin of a sheep; or, leather prepared from it.
A diploma; -- so called because usually written or printed on parchment prepared from the skin of the sheep.
Skin from sheep, either with or without the wool still attached.
Under the classifications of cabretta, capeskin and suede is taken from the hardy animals native cold and high altitude climates.
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a garment made of or lined with sheepskin
a document certifying the successful completion of a course of study