Definitions for "siberia"
n. A separate continental plate that existed from the Latest Precambrian to the Carboniferous, composed of a large part of central Russia, namely Siberia.
the extensive region of the former Soviet Union frequently referred to as a place where one is sent as a punishment or mark of disfavor.
a vast Asian region of Russia; famous for long cold winters
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Siberia is a 2005 studio album by Echo & the Bunnymen. The album garnered generally positive reviews, with some commentators calling it their best work since Ocean Rain.
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Siberia is one of the core plugins that form the java "Siberia" Rich Client Platform" RCP. It is a general plugin which role is to manage general kernel considerations of an application based on "Siberia".
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an indie rock band from Chelsea in London UK
Siberia has been a major source of diamonds for a long time, with new investments in existing mines set to increase production soon.