Definitions for "GOA"
place - Portugese colony in India, held from the 1500s until the mid-1960s.
Resort-state renowned for its beaches,temples, churches and old homes
a state of southwestern India; a former Portuguese colony
A species of antelope (Procapra picticauda), inhabiting Thibet.
The Goa (Procapra picticaudata), also known as the Tibetan Gazelle, is a species of antelope which inhabits the Himalayan region. A typical goa stands about two feet (600 mm) tall at the shoulder and weighs around 50 pounds (23 kg). Males have long, tapering, ringed horns, reaching lengths of up to 14 inches (35 cm).
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Geschä ftsfü hrung Ohne Auftrag
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Gruppo Operativo Antidroga
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Gulf Of Alaska
Gun Owners of America
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
Geometric Oriface Area. The area of a heart valve which is available for blood flow. It is calculated from the physical dimensions of the valve's opening.
The GOA Project defines a Generic Open Architecture Layer using pre-defined abstraction levels. By Using the GOA Abstraction levels , the application gains a real extensibility and physical modularity enforced by the GOA Engine.
an ideal future end, condition or state related to the public health, safety or general welfare toward which planning and planning implementation measures are directed.