Definitions for "Jaipur"
Keywords:  rajasthan, delhi, palaces, india, city
City near Delhi, famed for her palaces and forts.
towns in northern India after which the gharAnAs take their name
The pink city, full of palaces and exotic colour. A tourist trap. Part of the beloved Golden Triangle favoured by tourists, i.e., Delhi-Agra-Jaipur.
Jaipur, son of Nasrullah, was brought to Erdenheim Farms near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as a green yearling from the breeding grounds of owner George D. Widener, Jr. in Kentucky. As a yearling, Jaipur was broken and exercised by soon-to-be jockey, Michael Tornambe, who was the first to ride the colt and learned well under his handling in 1960, along with the care of farm manager, Ralph Delaney.